The Gonkwhistlephone

The Gonkwhistlephone is a musical instrument which unfortunately can only be played by Gonks!

In looks it is very similar to a xylophone although it is tuned only to the pentatonic scale.

The Gonks play this by bouncing on the various keys which creates the percussive sound and as the Gonks land the air is forced out of their bodies which causes the whistling sound hence - Gonkwhistlephone!

As the instrument is tuned to the pentatonic scale and as Gonks are essentially stupid as long as one of them occasionally lands on the tonic note (one is assigned to this end), it doesn’t make much difference where the others land and the end result doesn’t sound too bad.

As I am blessed with having one of these instruments and still have many Gonk friends I will shortly be making some Gonkwhistlephone recordings so that you can hear this fantastic instrument yourself - so watch this space!


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