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About Us

Actually there is no ‘US’ - just ‘me’.

If you google search my name and ‘Aquila’ you’ll find a picture of me when I used to have hair. Now I’m a baldheaded grumpy old git which is all part of the evolutionary process and will eventually happen to you  too!

Back in the 60’s / 70’s as well as Aquila, I also toured / recorded with The Fantastics, Emile Ford and the Checkmates and the Tommy Hunt Band and others. You’ve probably not heard of any of them, but sadly your grandmother probably has!

Clearly I’m more into ‘pop’ music, but this began with an extensive classical training.

With regards to this website, I do everything from writing the books, recording the examples to making and updating this website as well as looking after all the Gonks!

Obviously I am pretty busy, but never too busy to be contacted by email via the contact page.

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